Cancellation policy

It is always possible that you have to cancell your reservation. But what happens then??

These are the cases:


A reservation for a visit to our wellness can always be cancelled free of charge. We appreciate if you inform us of this.


A reservation for a massage or beauty treatment can be cancelled free of charge when this happens in writing ( before 11 am on the day before the day of the scheduled treatment. In case of late cancellation i.e. after 11 am on the day before the day of the scheduled treatment, you will be charged a cancellation costs. This amounts to 100% of the total treatment costs.
Medical certificates, or other unexpected circumstances, will not be taken in consideration.

Sports/Group lessons

For group lessons, we work only with reservation. We therefore appreciate to be held in the event of foreclosure.

In case of 3 no-shows during the same month there will be a fine worth of 1 group lesson or be recovered from € 8.50 on the Club member. At a WWC-turns the fine will be debited from the credit card holder. A member will have to pay the entrance fee of 8.50 € for the next group class which he wants to participate. Otherwise appropriates the club reserves the right to refuse the access to group lessons.

You can find the terms and conditions below.




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